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The Process of Restoration

Did you know there are over 250 different types of marble? American Marble Works has worked with them, in addition to travertine, terrazzo, ceramic tile and pavers. We will develop a restoration process for your particular type of stone. We use industrial grade diamonds, water and resurfacing equipment to get beautiful, long-lasting results on stone surfaces. This method is not harmful to the stone and brings the surface to a like-new condition and a mirror finish on many stone varieties. Our experienced team uses only eco-friendly products for your stone surface. Though the restoration process is labor-intensive, we take great pride in the beautiful results achieved. A sealant applied after the restoration phase will protect your stone surface from dirt and sand, spills and scratches. This final process also provides a slip resistant finish.
Because of the time and effort we devote to resurfacing and restoring stone, we regard each property as a piece of art to be enjoyed by all who see it. The transformation made in the stone is quite remarkable. We think you'll agree as you view the photographs on this site.

Maintain Your Stone Surfaces with our Help

Once your stone is restored and sealed, we can teach you how to maintain it regularly or we can provide this service for you. Maintenance of the stone is 50% less than the conventional wax method. Using wax can be harmful to the stone in that it allows scratches and gouges to occur. Over an extended period of time, the stone will appear dull and scratches are visible. Avoid the temptation to apply wax to put a shine on the surface. Proper and regular maintenance of the stone will allow you to enjoy its natural beauty for years to come.

Reliability, Results, Reputation and Experience

With our company, you get high standards of quality and workmanship at an affordable price. We have been in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years now and built an extensive list of happy clients that we still serve today. We train our artisans in the different types of marble and stone, methods of cleaning, restoration and maintenance. When they arrive at a client's property, they are prepared to provide the highest quality services for each client.

We are an All-American company that prides itself on using American-made products.
See the natural beauty of your stone with services from American Marble Works.

Services Offered

Contract our company for scheduled maintenance on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. A representative negotiates price as well as a schedule to implement services. Our team provides polishing, chip and crack repair and sealing for marble, travertine, granite, and terrazzo. In addition, we offer cleaning services for travertine and terrazzo.

Give us a call today at 727-595-3330 to begin the process of restoring your stone to its natural beauty.
Contact us today at 727-595-3330 to begin the process of enhancing the beauty of your natural stone surfaces.

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